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So, who are these guys?
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So, who are these guys?
  Owner Josh Weber inherited his love for all things fast and powerful from his grandfather, an old-school ‘mechanical genius’ – and his dad, who ran his own speed shop and later worked for speed king Mickey Thompson in Los Angeles.

While still in high school Josh was tutored by nationally respected engine builder John Larson. He then spent three years honing his metal fabricating skills building and repairing semi-trailers.

MIDWELD.COM is a division of Josh’s Midway Welding company, a specialty fabricator with more than a decade of experience in the design and building of stainless steel and aluminum products.
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MIDWELD.COM Competition Components
We Build Winners!
Plain or polished, we deliver performance!

We work with you to develop and build intake and exhaust systems specifically tailored to your motor in order to deliver the power you need to finish first.
No item is overlooked.

Large or small, each of our competition components gets the same degree of attention.
Stainless, strong, and spectacular!

Performance and beauty combine in our exclusive line of track-proven stainless steel oil pans. As always, special modifications can be accommodated to suit your needs.
Turbo systems are a MIDWELD.COM specialty.

No matter the application, you can rest assured that your set-up will be built right – and rugged.
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How do they do it? 
Our CAD/CAM design software, waterjet cutter,
and expert welders allow to offer products
with unsurpassed quality.
Precision Waterjet Cutting  High-quality TIG and MIG welding 
We keep a large stock of raw materials, including hard-to-find sizes and alloys to assure on-time delivery at competitive prices.

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue ultimate performance, MIDWELD.COM is your ‘go to’ source for every pulling need! 
A portion of our vast inventory 
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Look who’s winning with MIDWELD.COM
Competition Components
  Duane Schroeder

The “Old Master.” Duane has been pulling since day one.
He knows how to win -- and where to find components that give him the edge! 
  Scott Wiens

Scott’s gorgeous rig pulls hard wherever it goes. This stout truck is always in the mix –
and very often in the winner’s circle! 
  Shawn Wiens

This state-of-the-art beast has power and beauty to spare. Watch for Shawn to make his move to the top this year! 

This Spot Reserved
for YOU!

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So,, what are you waiting for?
Step out of the ‘also-ran’ group and become the next MIDWELD.COM winner! 
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Phone: 402-798-8098

455 HWY 77
Cortland, NE 68331

A division of Midway Welding, Inc.